Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nipmuck South Trail Race

I had a great time taking photos at the first annual Nipmuck South Trail Race in northeastern Connecticut today. This 14-mile beauty winds up and back along the Fenton River just east of UCONN. It was hot and humid, but well-shaded much of the way (not that you'd know that from my photos, where I mostly deliberately sought the better light of more open areas). I encountered a few patches of poison ivy leaning into the trail along my several mile walk, and tried to warn runners just before they got to it (most were appreciative, except the guy who replied back to me "don't get it; don't care!"). The mosquitoes took their fill from me whenever the breeze died down, but honestly it really wasn't that bad. I've experienced WAY worse this time of year in New England. Congratulations to all the runners who came out for this inaugural race; it definitely looks like one to save the date for in 2014! Here's a quick sampling of the photos:

the preview album is up on Facebook here

and the full gallery will be posted at Northeast Race Photo in a few days

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