Saturday, June 15, 2013

brewery to brewery ride, and a sprained ankle

I drove up to Chesterfield, NH today to photograph riders as they came through miles 98/99 of the 2013 Harpoon Brewery to Brewery Ride. This was work I did for a client (Destination Cycling), so I don't have a gallery of my own at Northeast Race Photo this time. The photos are in an album here, mixed in with shots by other photographers stationed at the start and finish. I took shots both at the scenic, pastoral spot near the top of the climb at mile 98 and at the aid station at mile 99 in the center of the village. I'm so pleased with how these shots came out.

My other story for the day is that I appear to have sprained my ankle. I arrived early to Chesterfield so I decided to go take a short scouting run on trails in Pisgah before the first riders came through. I wanted to see a section of trail on the Pisgah 50K course that I hadn't been on yet. So there I was, looking around and wondering if I'd missed a turn and thinking about doing my first ultra and BAM... rolled that left ankle out and OUCH! So stupid. Looks like a good week of weights and swimming ahead for me.

mile 98 of the 2013 Brewery to Brewery Ride

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  1. It seems like you had a wonderful event! It was too bad that the sprained ankle kinda spoiled it for you. I hope it didn’t get any worse. Otherwise, you might have had to bow out of the race. Anyway, keep safe!

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol