Sunday, July 29, 2018

2018 Vermont 100 Endurance Races

I've photographed at the Vermont 100 Endurance Races for six years now, and I'm STILL figuring out the best way to try to catch all runners and riders in all of the various races. It ain't easy, given that the 2 running races (100-miler and 100K) and the three horse races (100-mile, 75-mile, and 50-mile) all start at different times and follow partly different courses. At any rate, this year I chose to set up for several hours at mile 47 of the 100-miler, and then for six hours at mile 72, where supposedly all racers would pass by (though not all before dark).

Since I'm not an "official" photographer for the event, per se, there's no specific mandate, but it's always nice to try to get as many runners and riders in scenic locations as I can. One unofficial mandate, however, is to get that elusive, primo shot with both runners and riders in it. This year I came as close as I think I've ever come to getting it. The runner in question is a guy I know (Carsten) from my town here in western MA (Greenfield), and the background is a farm up in the rural hills south of Woodstock.

the runner and the riders

Here's a few photo galleries from the shoot:
Runner Highlights:
Horses & Riders only:
The full album of all shots: