Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reservoir Run

Reservoir No. 6, a few miles northwest of Hartford, CT, is an excellent place to exercise for anyone living close to the city or its western suburbs. It's a 3.6 mile loop on dirt road, half-open and sunny by the water on the east side and half-wooded and shaded under the trees on the west side. Smaller hiking trails branch off on the west side and head up Talcott Mountain where you can hook up with the Metacomet Trail and run for miles and miles and miles.

Cool personal history note: That tower up on top of Talcott Mtn. in the photo below is pretty much my first memory ever, from when I was just 2 years old. We lived in Simsbury on the other side of ridge, and the road to home had a direct view out to the hill and the tower. It may also have been the site of one of my first ever hikes, though I don't really remember the hike, I just remember being at the top.