Monday, April 6, 2015

Springtime Trail Running

Every year, I struggle with finding the right balance between 1.) dying to get back out on dirt trails and 2.) leaving those trails be for a bit as the snow melts and mud season reigns. I know it's not good for the trails to be out on them when they're most vulnerable. It's hard, though; I love trail running!

So I find compromises. I run dirt roads and I run carriage roads, both of which can be a bit muddy too, and could probably benefit from some fallow time as well, and sometimes I'll tackle ski trails. Today I parked at the base of Mt. Tom near the Mtn. Park entrance to Whiting Reservoir and ran up one side of the old ski area to the summit ridge, then back down the other, and then around Whiting for some extra mileage. A mixed difficulty / mixed terrain workout that was initially challenging (sometimes straight up the slope), then delightful (on the roller-coastery descent), and finally easy and smooth (for the lap around the lake).

old ski trail at Mt. Tom in Holyoke, MA (photo by Ben Kimball)
the view about halfway down the southern ski slope at Mt. Tom in early April

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