Friday, April 3, 2015

Real Recovery

It's early April, after one of the toughest winters around here in recent memory (I love winter, but even I'll admit this one was pretty long and cold), and I'm recovering. In a couple of ways.

First, I'm back on my feet again after sustaining a stress fracture last November (an injury which came a mere 3 months into a recovery from a previous injury). This week I'll have run 20 miles. The previous 2 weeks were only 15 miles each. But this is good, hopefully. Smart recovery. I'm really easing into it this time. I don't want to make the mistake of jumping back in too fast and risking re-injury. I just couldn't take that, not again. I still feel a dull ache in my left foot, and it almost seems like there's a small marble I need to work out beneath the ball of my left foot, but it's very slowly getting better. Fingers crossed.

Second, I'm recovering financially. After getting laid off about 2 years ago and then wrestling with the twin horrors of unemployment and the rollout of the Massachusetts healthcare website, I got a part-time editing job and have been doing the race photography that gets mentioned a lot on this blog. But it hasn't been enough. I also spent a lot of time last year researching, writing, and creating the western MA trail running guidebook, and that's an investment that won't pay off for a while. The huge heating oil bills this past winter didn't help. So I've also been writing occasional articles and doing various contract work to make ends meet. Hopefully this is all gonna work out.

So, where to from here? I'll keep running until I lose some of these extra pounds that have appeared and feel ready to sign up for a race or two again. Then I would really like to try out some new trail races and explore new trails in the greater New England area. Maybe get another book proposal out the door, and... who knows? Maybe 2015 will turn out to be the year that I wanted 2014 to be.

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