Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon 2012

The first annual Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon was held this past weekend over near Rte. 2 in Charlemont, MA. The 5 legs of the race are a hilly 4.5-mile trail run, a hilly 3-mile road bike ride, 5 miles of river kayaking, a 1-mile hill climb (from the kayak transition to the top of the ski slope, carrying your gear), and a ski run. Due to the very warm spring, the ski run was reduced to a short stretch of remaining snow and the hill climb most definitely did not involve snowshoes, but otherwise the event seemed to go off without a hitch. About 20 people completed all five legs themselves, and the rest did it as relay teams of varying numbers of teammates.

This was supposed to be a "rest day" for me, as I did a half marathon in Westfield the next day, but I ended up running around all over the place trying to catch decent shots of each event (I still ended up with my fastest 1/2 marathon time by 2 minutes!). I never saw everyone in each leg, except maybe the opening run, but there was one guy I ended up with photos of from each event. To the guy in green, I promise I wasn't stalking you, man! =)

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