Monday, May 7, 2012

Seven Sisters Trail Race

Photo shoot: After taking pictures of the pack as it headed up the rocky talus slope near the start of the 2012 Seven Sisters Trail Race, I drove around and parked at the turnaround point and hiked about half a mile up the ridge to catch the lead runners. It was a good spot, especially looking downwards, and I stayed there until those same lead runners came back up. After a good pulse had come through, I started back down and caught shots of people in various settings along the way, including dense woods, scenic ledges, and the open powerline corridor. Then I drove back around to the finish and took shots along the very last downhill stretch, just below the talus section. I didn't make any attempt to photograph everyone, but still ended up catching most, I think. Anyway, I stopped when my D300's batteries ran out.


  1. Hi Ben,

    I'd like to use one of your images in a review of the 7 Sisters Trail Race on TRAVLETE. Can you please let me know if this would be possible? Happy to credit of course! :)



  2. Ben, I used one of your photos, with attribution / credit to you (and a link here), for a Facebook event. I hope that's alright.