Sunday, November 1, 2015

a sort of a comeback

In 2013 I ran 15 races, including my first ever 50K and 40-mile ultras. That was on the heels of 21 races in 2012. But things slowed down after that. Way down. Battling both a string of injuries and a storm of financial hits, my racing schedule took a pretty big tumble in 2014, and I only ran 5 races total:

2014 races

The Traprock one barely counts, since it was really nothing more than a test to see if I could run a race at all, post-injury. That said, the final 2 were actually pretty good showings.

So far, this year has actually been pretty good, considering. I'm still trying to manage a newly chronic achilles tendon ache, but otherwise I seem to be gradually coming back. It's a bit hard to tell because the difficulty of each trail race is so different than the others, but my pace has generally steadily improved. Most of the races have been trail, which I love, and I've really enjoyed exploring some that I'd never tried before, like the Busa Bushwhack today in Framingham:

2015 races so far:

I'm hoping to cap off the season with my first go at the Stone Cat Trail Marathon in Ipswich, MA this coming Saturday. After that, if I'm still on my feet, all else is gravy. 


  1. Have fun at Stone Cat! Good to see you are back at it this year. Running Wapack next year?

    1. Hey Jesse, Stone Cat was great! And yes, giving some serious consideration to Wapack next year. Feeling good. I need to give my Achilles some downtime soon this winter (when???), but hope to swim through that window and stay fit.