Friday, May 1, 2015

Thanks for your support!

Dear trail running friends,

I hope that people are finding Trail Running Western Massachusetts to be a useful and enjoyable resource. I certainly had a great time researching and creating it, and am very encouraged that so far people seem to be digging it.

As you might expect, it’s a fairly niche book category. The geographic area is relatively small, and the number of trail runners is only a fraction of the number of runners out there (though I hope some hikers discover it too). So I’m writing to ask for your help.

Through word of mouth and good buzz, you have the power to help the book succeed, and to make future editions and/or companion guides possible. If you have the time, please consider writing and posting an online review. Do you like it? Are there things you don't like? I’d love to hear what you think; your honest, thoughtful feedback would be extremely welcome. Here’s a link to the book’s page on Amazon:

Thank you so much for checking out Trail Running Western Massachusetts, and for all your support.

Ben Kimball 

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