Monday, September 2, 2013

Mount Greylock Road Race Photos

To a small band of impressively determined runners, Labor Day in western Massachusetts means the annual Mount Greylock Road Race. Participants run uphill for 8 miles from near the northern base of the auto road to 3,491 feet at the summit of the state's tallest mountain. The race is put on by Bob Dion of the Western Massachusetts Athletic Club (WMAC), and is part of the Northeast Uphill Mountain Series.

Although thunderstorms rolled through the region the night before and later in the day, they held off for the race and the weather was actually pretty great for a little hill climbing. Moderate temps, overcast sky, and only the lightest of breezes (though it was still a bit humid out). I took photos at three locations: just after a brief flat section at mile 1 (all runners), a scenic vista at mile 5 (all runners), and the summit (last 19 runners). The full photo gallery is up at Northeast Race Photo, and here's a brief sampling:

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