Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hancock Shaker Village 50-Mile Ultra and Marathon

It was a long day of shooting, and often a full half-hour or so would pass between runners, but I really enjoyed taking photos at this year's Hancock Shaker Village 50-Mile Ultra and Marathon. Both races take place along the Taconic Range out in Pittsfield State Forest (far western MA), following a challenging route consisting of rugged trails and roads. Pretty much every runner I saw looked amazingly strong and had a great attitude, and the volunteers were excellently enthusiastic and helpful. This is definitely a hard run, either as an ultra or as a trail marathon, but it's also wonderfully true to the spirit of trail running. It's tough, simple, and fun, and clearly has a positive vibe about it. Here's a sampling of shots from the day (the full photo gallery can be seen here at Northeast Race Photo):



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