Monday, November 7, 2016

Outrunning Parkinson's

Recently I had the chance to reconnect with a great guy I knew from growing up in my little town on the coast of Maine. Michael Westphal was always a star runner in the region, but now he has become a bit of a celebrity beyond his former fame. Now he’s also known as “the guy with Parkinson’s who runs marathons.”

I’m not saying anything new here, but holy crow is he achieving something great. Not only is he still doing what he loves despite the severe challenges of Parkinson’s, he’s bringing a tremendous amount of positive attention to the disease and those who live with it. He is raising awareness and changing prevailing perceptions about what is possible. And hopefully raising more funding for research in the process.

Mike Westphal flying past mile 5 of the 2016 Mount Desert Island Marathon

To Mike, cheers to you and all you inspire. I am so impressed with your strength, character, and resolve. Long may you run.

To everyone else, please watch Peter Logue’s short documentary about Mike's story (the film is the first ten minutes of the video):

The film also features moving appearances by members of Mike's family as well as his good friend (and my former crazy coach) Gary Allen; the two of them just ran the NYC marathon this past weekend!

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