Friday, March 18, 2016

many hats / heavy rotation

When people ask me what I do, I always struggle a bit to answer. I wear a lot of hats. In the past I spent a lot of time as a GIS Specialist in the environmental field, specifically focused on rare species and biodiversity conservation. Now, though, my current day job is working as a Production Editor (proofreading, copyediting, etc.) at the Pioneer Valley branch of a big multinational education company. My side gigs include being a photographer at Northeast Race Photo, author/salesman of Trail Running Western Massachusetts (and hopefully some sequel/companion guidebooks soon!), contract editing and proofreading for various clients, GIS mapping project work for various clients, and writing occasional articles for publications. And I'm also the editor of my local running club's newsletter, which comes out every two months and feels (in a good way) a bit like a full-fledged local running magazine sometimes.

This month, I had articles published in New England Runner and Level Renner (see p. 26) magazines, and here is a link to the latest issue of the newsletter. It's all a bit exhausting, and at the same time I'm doing some intensive physical therapy for my achilles and trying to cross-train as much as possible on my bike (which has been easier than expected this month due to the near-complete absence of late-winter weather). But I'm feeling good, and I actually LIKE having so much variety and spinning so many plates and wearing so many hats, even though most of that "variety" somehow revolves around writing and running. I'm in a building phase. The trick now will be to keep momentum going on all fronts. Onwards!

L: the SMAC club profile in the March/April 2016 issue of Level Renner
R: an ad for Trail Running Western Massachusetts that ran in New England Runner

MDI Scenic Stridings article from the March/April issue of New England Runner

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