Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Leaving Williamsburg

Williamsburg, MA

Today, after just over 2 years of living in Williamsburg, we're leaving the hilltowns and lighting out for lure of Greenfield. The new place is only about half an hour farther north in the Pioneer Valley, but it makes a lot more sense for our commutes. We will definitely miss the charms of being right in the rural village (easy walks to the The Brewmaster's Tavern, Cichy's Garage, and Meekins Library; very short drives to Elbow Room Coffee, Bread Euphoria, and the Local Burger food truck; and the excellent Joe's Garage bike shop in Haydenville). And I will definitely miss both my regular running routes (the 3.5-mile loop around Depot Rd / O'Neil Rd, the 6.2-mile loop up North Rd and Hememway and back Village Hill, and out-and-backs up Nash Hill Rd) and the trails slightly further afield (DAR State Forest, Chapel Brook Falls to Bullitt Reservation, and Chesterfield Gorge, among others). I'll also miss some of the shorter trails maintained by Williamsburg Woodland Trails, like Petticoat Hill and the one pictured below at the Breckenridge Sanctuary.

trail running at the Breckenridge Sanctuary in Williamsburg, MA
trail running at the Breckenridge Sanctuary

Farewell Williamsburg!

[10/10/15 update]: And hello, Greenfield! So far, we're loving the food (Mesa Verde, The People's Pint, The Brass Buckle, Magpie's, Hope & Olive, The Rendezvous over in Turner's, etc.), the trail runs (Greenfield Ridge, Catamount State Forest just to the west, etc.), and the general lively vibe of a seemingly thriving downtown (Green Fields Market, World Eye Books, and Wilson's come to mind). We're hoping to make it a good stay.

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