Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bonus Site: Kennedy Park to Yokun Ridge Connector

Two fantastic sites profiled in Trail Running Western Massachusetts, Kennedy Park (site #13) and Yokun Ridge (site #14), are actually linked by a network of unofficial trails. The trails cross private land, and as a result this area could not be described or mapped in the book. They are clearly well-maintained and regularly used, however, and make for very pleasant if somewhat challenging running. To stay clear of any potential trespass issues, it is probably safest to stick to the northernmost trails of the network. These trails can be run on their own, as extensions of the sites on either side, or as a link between the two sites as part of a very fun and varied long run.

map of trails between Lenox Mountain and Kennedy Park
site map

scenic Berkshire view from Lenox Mountain / Yokun Ridge
stunning eastward view from an unnamed ledge on the eastern side of Yokun Ridge

Trail tidbits: 
-Most of the trails are pretty easy to follow (though it can be somewhat hard to initially find them, especially on the eastern Kennedy Park side)
-These trails meander and switchback around a LOT, and it can take longer to get from point A to point B than you might expect
-Always obey any posted signs you many encounter

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