Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Midwinter Ridge Run

This afternoon, I stuffed a backpack full of camera gear (DSLR, tripod, and a couple of lens choices), clothing (extra layers, hats, etc.), and some water, and set off for the summit of Mt. Tom. I started running at the Mountain Park gate on the Holyoke side and ran up the access road to the start of the B-17. The B-17 is a steep, straight, narrow paved utility road that angles right up to the towers at the summit of the mountain. It was mostly covered with about an inch of packed snow and ice, so I wore Yaktrax the whole way. I ran most of it, but walked one steep pitch just before the top (I blame it on the heavy backpack!).

Once at the top, I headed north along the ridge for some scenic winter ridge running, and stopped occasionally to set up the tripod for some self-portrait action shots. This was my first time using the ML-L3 remote shutter release, which I found a bit frustrating; it worked about half the time, but the shutter didn't fire all the other times, and that's not a very good success rate for photos. Here's a few shots I came away with:

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