Thursday, November 14, 2013


a rare double-leap at the Ghost Run Half-Marathon in Hebron, CT

I've been photographing at races for nearly a year now, and here's a fun little phenomenon I've had the pleasure of observing more than a few times: the leap. At first I was only seeing it in ultras, so in my head I started calling it the Ultra Leap. But I've since witnessed it at several trail races as well, and even in the occasional half-marathon and 10K too. So now my question is, does anybody know whether the leap is anything more than just spontaneous moments of athletic exuberance, or did I maybe miss a meme somewhere? Please let me know your thoughts! Whatever the inspiration, I have to say it totally makes my day when it happens. So, the next time you see me (tall, skinny, doofusy-looking guy with a camera) taking your photo at a race... consider trying a leap; it's always fun and I'd love to see more!

leaper at the Cider Donut Run 10K in Amherst, MA


leapers at 
1. Hancock Shaker Village 50-Mile Ultra in Pittsfield, MA
2. Firecracker Four-Miler in Brattleboro, VT
3. Mt. Toby Trail Run in Sunderland, MA

Karna's SECOND leap, well into the Hancock Shaker Village 50-Mile Ultra in Pittsfield, MA

leaper at mile 47 of the Vermont 100 ultramarathon in Reading, VT


  1. Hey, that's me in the last photo! :)

    You caught me during my Tony the Tiger Moment, when I was finally feeling like everything was going to be GRRRRREAT! (This feeling lasted until mile 70 or so, when I got lost =P)

    1. You were the reason I started calling it the Ultra Leap, Jacqueline! This shot doesn't even show how high you got; you leapt a couple feet up in the air... at mile 47!!! I smiled about that for a long time. Sorry to hear you got lost later, but you looked awesomely strong and showed some serious style on the way there =)