Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hairy Gorilla Half and Squirrely Six

Today I took photos at the 2013 running of the Hairy Gorilla Half-Marathon and Squirrely Six Trail Races at John Boyd Thatcher State Park in Voorheesville, NY. The races are part of the annual Grand Tree Trail Race Series, a (rather loosely-defined geographically) collection of regional trail races chosen by the Western Massachusetts Athletic Club. Each race is also (and primarily) its own entity, run by different individuals, clubs, and organizations. These 2 races were different from many others in the series in that they are distinctly Halloween themed. I saw more people running in costumes than I have even in some local Halloween 5Ks. It was awesome.

The courses follow much of the same route as the Indian Ladder 15K Trail Race I shot at earlier this year. The six mile race is essentially the same as the first half of the half-marathon, so I was able to get photos of everyone multiple times. I have shots from the start, from where everyone passed by a lurking chainsaw-wielding madman in the woods, from what would have been a dramatic stream crossing had there been any water, from an open field at the edge of the escarpment, and from the graveyard you have to run through at the finish. Some sample images are included below, and you can view the full photo gallery here.


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