Monday, March 18, 2013

The Harbour Shamrock Shuffle

I went up to Winchendon this past Saturday to take shots at The Harbour Shamrock Shuffle 5 Mile Run. As luck would have it, I had chosen to shoot at the exact spot where Liz from Global-Click Photography (the official race photographer for the event) had already set up. If I had arrived early enough, I might have been able to scout out a different location, but since I'd made that wrong turn back in Athol...

With only a minute to go before the first runners arrived, I decided to jog down the course a short ways and take photos another quarter mile or so along. I can't say I love the busy backgrounds I ended up with in some of them, but in general I'm actually quite pleased with the way most came out. I love that 70-200mm lens!

Thanks to Liz for being cool about it all, and for talking shop with me for a little while. She's good peeps. 

Anyway, here's my gallery of photos from this race. 

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