Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sleigh Bell Run 4-miler shoot

I photographed the Greenfield Winter Carnival "Sleigh Bell Run" 4-mile road race this morning, mostly just to get some more practice shooting sports. Mind you, I did it with a lens that not only is completely inappropriate for the camera (a DX lens on an FX camera) but also completely inappropriate for the event and conditions (Only an 18-55mm zoom to shoot a running race on an overcast winter day? Am I stupid?). But never mind that. I'm workin' on it...

Below are two of the better results. The first one is of Marc and his kid doing what parents and kids should ALWAYS do: get out there and have fun being silly and active together. The other is just a fun low-angle shot of a racer in full stride at mile 3.5 of a 4-mile race.

I've found that I often don't care for shots where two runners are side by side. I think it's because the framing ends up looking kind of weird (the subject is too wide for the vertical crop that way). But these two (below) made it work with their matching strides and all-around excellent smiles.

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