Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Wild #3: Pat's Peak

Winter Wild #3 was held today at Pat's Peak in Henniker, NH. The race climbs one ski trail to the top and descends another to the finish. You can do it on any kind of ski, snowboard, snowshoes, or running shoes with spikes. The only rules are you have to come down using the same gear you went up with, and you gotta have fun. 

I did this one on backcountry skis, using climbing skins for the first time (love 'em) on the ascent. A few weeks ago I tried doing the Ragged Mountain one without skins. Big mistake, that. Anyway, because I'm basically an idiot and am always apparently looking for new ways to hobble myself, I brought my camera with me this time and took a couple of shots along the way (stashed it in my pack w/the skins on the descent). Despite the dumbness of that move, this really was quite a bit of fun.


they're off!

looking back down on the way up

The pair of determined girls in the photo above made a pretty amazing ascent, laughing and encouraging each other the whole way and just flying right over the summit and down the other side. Side note: right about at this point a helpful spectator told me that I might race faster if I didn't have a five-hundred pound Nikon swinging from a strap around my neck. So noted. 

The skier in front of me crests the summit at dawn. 

Danny and Amber

Ryan the Quick and some of my fellow Capital Multisporters

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